Silky Green Bella #1071

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Silky Green Bella

Silky is OMG! This is all about Silky Green Bella. It's also known as Silky Green Elite shortly. You will be amazed to see Silky Color! what a charming color of Bella Elite Collection family that is Bella Elite Contact Lenses specifically. Bella Lenses Colors is hot these days. You can see Bella Elite Lenses Review on any eye fashion sites. Moreover, It's not just a fashion. it meets all international quality standards.

You may also consider other children of the Bella Elite Contact Lenses family. For example, Silky Gold Bella or Bella Elite Silky Gold. This is Bella Lenses Kuwait.

In conclusion, the Silky Green Bella lenses elite is a good choice. All relevant physical data of Bella contact lenses i.e. Silky Elite are as under.

  •  Reference: 1071
  •  Brand: Bella
  •  Collection: Natural Looking
  •  Fashion Color: Silky Green
  •  Lens Material: Polymacon
  •  Water Content: 38%
  •  Base Curve: 8.6mm
  •  Diameter: 14.5
  •  Central Thickness: 0.07mm (@-3.00D)
  •  Permeability: 12
  •  Transmissibility: 95%
  •  Modality: 3 Months






If you fall in love with celebrities look like contact lenses then I bet, your choice will be Bella Contact Lenses. It comes in both colour & Spherical Power. So they are getting popular in the major cities of Pakistan.

1 review for Silky Green Bella #1071

  1. s0a0a0z

    It is Based on Golden Yellow & Soft Green, Day and Night Look

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