Radiant Grey Bella Loka Loki #1085

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What an amazing shade of contact lenses the “Radiant Grey Bella Lenses” with amazing color combinations, so we are here to show you more —

اب آئی سایٹ پاور میں بھی دستیاب ہیں

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Radiant Grey Bella

What splendid contact lenses the "Radiant Grey Bella" for natural color combination thus we tend to present here in front of you. Definitely, you are here for the good lenses so here are they “Radiant Gray Bella Contact Lenses".

اب آئی سایٹ پاور میں بھی دستیاب ہیں

It is the foremost fascinating and begins from the "Bella Glow Collection". It is referred to as "Bella Glow Radiant Grey". You will adore it the means whereby it has and you see it is unclear conceal and numerous varieties.

Don’t forget to know to avoid buying fake lenses because our collection is authentic from Kuwait.

See numerous types of glow color contact lenses on the designated area of this page. Because of the "Bella Glow Collection" family and it is standard. The distinction related to Bella simply appears extraordinary and funky.

Thusly, we tend to bring it here solely on "Eye Fashion" for you this will not let you down. You will furthermore consult with another assortment family "Radiant Grey Bella" and "Gray Caramel Bella" round the page.

What is additional, it is not simply a method. It satisfies a world quality benchmark, on these lines, known as contact focal points. Specifically, the federal agency favors it.

You will in like manner think about another assortment of reminder the glowing family mentioned before. These are all Bella Lenses from Kuwait.

Note Radiant Gray currently in Rx (eyesight) powers for better vision and elegance.

Overall, to own these contact lenses could be a good alternative. All connected physical knowledge of "Bella Contact Lenses" painted as beneath in like manner we have an exclusive area of all types of "Bella Glow Lenses".

  •  Reference: 1085
  •  Brand: Bella
  •  Collection: Natural looking lenses - Glow
  •  Color: Radiant Gray
  •  Material: Polymacon
  •  Water Content: 38%
  •  Base Curve: 8.6mm
  •  Diameter: 14.5
  •  Central Thickness: 0.07mm (@-3.00D)
  •  Permeability: 12
  •  Transmissibility: 95%
  •  Modality: 3 months




If you fall in love with celebrities look like contact lenses then I bet, your choice will be Bella Contact Lenses. It comes in both colour & Spherical Power. So they are getting popular in the major cities of Pakistan.

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