Flexible Frame - لچکدار فریم

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  • Super Flexible
  • Water Proof
  • Washable Glasses
  • Sports Pro
  • Super Fit
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Super Flexible Frame

As people are hard worker and do multi-tasking specially in Pakistan. Their job sometimes affected by their broken frames. So there is a need of super flexible frame that may sustain roughness. Now we've got stocked super easy and flexible eye wear frame that serve the purpose.


  1. Cleaning: Easy to wash and clean with ordinary soap.
  2. Sports Pro: No need to care while running or jogging
  3. No More Weight: Light weight material makes you feel light.
  4. Slipless: It doesn't slip down from nose.




Eynak brand is know as super flexible frame material. It is designed to satisfy fast pace user. If you are a rough and casual user and fast in your work you surely choose such a frame like this. It is so flexible and accommodates almost every face geometry. The collection named as "Easy Grip Frame".

1 review for Flexible Frame - لچکدار فریم

  1. s0a0a0z

    Flexibility have been crazy

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