FreshKon Contact Lens Features

Freshkon Color Contact Lens is said to be #1 cosmetic contact lens brand in the fashion industry. It is boasted with enhanced features for clearer vision.

√ High Oxygen Flow → For healthy eyes
√ Large Optical Zone → For better vision
√ UV Protection → For eye protection from UV exposure
√ High Water Content → For high oxygen flow
√ HMITech → For keeping micro-colorant locked and isolated from your eyes

FreshKon the Favourite

Step up your style with an array of dazzling colors from FreshKon Colors Fusion! Wear your favorite color and make a statement now.

FreshKon Color Shades

Freshkon contact lenses are available in glittering blue, brilliant brown, gleaming green, shimmering grey, groovy green, cool green, baby aqua, warm hazel, perky brown, misty gray, sky blue and romantic violet.

Reference Color Code

  • 1147: Glittering Blue
  • 1148: Brilliant Brown
  • 1149: Gleaming Green
  • 1150: Shimmering Grey
  • 1151: Groovy Green
  • 1152: Cool Green
  • 1153: Baby Aqua
  • 1154: Warm Hazel
  • 1155: Perky Brown
  • 1156: Misty Gray,
  • 1157: Sky Blue
  • 1158: Romantic Violet

FreshKon Specifications

Water Content: 55%
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve: Median
Power Range:
-0.00D (Plano)
-0.50D to -6.00D (0.25 step)
-6.50D to -10.0D (0.50 step)


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