October 14, 2019

IBL Health Care Signs Bausch & Lomb

IBL Health Care Sign Up Bausch & Lomb

As you know IBL HealthCare Pvt Ltd Pakistan is playing an important role in the marketing and distribution of quality products.  We are pleased to inform you that Bausch + Lomb (USA), the world-renowned maker of eye products, has now begun a business partnership with IBL Healthcare Pakistan.

Bausch & Lomb Products in Pakistan

The All-Native and most awaited Brand like ReNu, BioTrue, Soflens Daily Disposable, Soflens 59, Soflens Natural Colors and Ultra Contact Lenses will be delivered and distributed exclusively through our Eye Fashion Direct Pakistan.

Eye Fashion

Eye Fashion Direct doing business as Eye Fashion Optical in Pakistan is the outcome of collective efforts of different professionals across the globe whose head office is in Croydon, London

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