Attractive Full Frame Porsche 50018

Bold looking Porsche attractive for you in a full-frame type of square shape in medium size and color in black-color manufactured with plastic-sheet material.






The attractive (eyeglasses) for you specially, in medium size, square shape full-frame (full frame) Porsche Brand is mostly suitable for round the affectioning . Moreover, You feel splendid and confidence in social gatherings and likely suitable for almost every situation. All exclusively at Eye Fashion Direct and most importantly in lowest price in Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Islamabad ? Pakistan ?Best Valued ?Affordable ?Free Shipping ?Dedicated Support ?Happy Customer Policy.

Attractive | Brand | Model | Inspiration

The inspiration comes from a well-respected Porsche brand, model 1005. Quality is thoroughly assured in our end. This brand has been manufactured according to the best standards. Most importantly in very economical price.

Gender | Suitability | Culture | Occasion | Pro Pakistan

Regarding the gender this attractive in square shape is widely suitable amongst man with round affectioning and pro Pakistani.

Color | Tone | Shade | Dress Color | Seasons

This attractive in square square has the bold black-color shine tone makes it perfect for compatibility with any outfitters. We try hard to present as best to satisfy fashion needs and compliant to new trends going on because we keep an eye on every fashion shift in Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Islamabad ? Pakistan.

Dimension | Size | Measurement | Fashion Pro | Fitting Guide

In regards to this attractive square size, it is generally fall under medium 50 ? 18-139 | 132-29 category. It really makes you unique and good fit for every beautiful season in Pakistan.

Material | Featured | Life | Fitting | Grip

This is made up of the plastic-sheet material that makes it moderate enough and more importantly, gives moderate feel and comfort. This also featured with Fixed and No.

Frame Selection Guide | Human Face Types | Making a Great Look

We’ve realized that without knowing the proper human face recognition we never be able to choose eye frames wisely. So, wait for our new post about the frame selection guide very soon.

Attractive | Summary

? Brand: Porsche ? Model: 1005 ? Strength: Moderate ? Color: Black-Color ? Tone: Shine ? Size: Medium ? Shape: Square ? Material: Plastic-Sheet ? Lens-Width: 50 ? Nose-Width: 18 ? Side-Length: 139 ? Frame-Width: 132 ? Lens-Height: 29 ? Frame-Type: Full-Frame ? Hinge: Fixed ? Nozepads: No ? Case: Included

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  1. Adam Rise

    Nice color!

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