FreshKon® ColorsFusion Baby Aqua Contact Lenses


  • Iconic Look
  • UV Blocker
  • Natural Look
  • Super Comfort
Freshkon Oxygen Permeability Efficiency Contact Lenses

Oxygen Permeability Efficacy

Strategic dispersion of micro-colorants does not compromise on the oxygen permeability. Benefit: Optimum oxygen flows through the cosmetic lenses, allowing for healthy and beautiful eyes

Freshkon Iconnic Look Contact Lenses

Iconic Look

08 amazing and exciting colors to achieve your own distinctive style

Freshkon Contact Lenses No UV Inhibitor

UV Inhibitor

No UV Inhibitor

Freshkon Oxygen Permeability Efficiency Contact Lenses

Excellent Vision

Larger optical zone for clearer view with no peripheral vision

Freshkon Hydro Micro Insulation Technology Contact Lenses

Hydro Micro-Insulation Technology

Micro-colorants are locked and insulated, isolated from your eyes
Benefit: Superior wearing comfort & lens performance

Freshkon Optimal Comfort Contact Lenses

Optimal Comfort

-Hydrophilic (water-loving) surface for comfortable wear
-Easy to fit with no curling lens problem




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