Terms & Conditions


1. These terms are only the baseline of this contract between us and you the customer, no other correspondences, related to our services and products, verbal dialogs, written statements etc., are not part of this contract until we agree to them in writing.
2. These terms posted on our site serve as the latest contract and amendments can be made and effected by us from time to time. You should carefully read the same before you use our site.
3. None of our customer service staff is authorized to amend and waive any part of these terms published here unless otherwise, we agree to them in writing.
4. There is no contract between us and you, customer until we have accepted your order.
5. Any agreement between us and you, a customer can’t bypass these terms unless we agree to them in writing.


1. We assume that you, a customer will give relevant and up-to-date information, that is required to fulfill your order including contact and payment details.
2. You the customer must be over the age of 18, are not partially sighted and not registered blind and proxy orders are strictly not allowed.
3. You the customer are given access most of the areas of our web site before you are registered with us but the rest of the content is only accessible if you are registered.


1. As we are frequent, we will respond to your order after the two hours, so the product always goes into the work in progress after the two hours. Therefore, you can change the order within the two hours without any cost except the difference in prices. If you want to amend your order please immediately contact us through our official email support.
2. If your amendments are made after the two hours then you will NOT (HAPPY CUSTOMER POLICY AMENDED) be charged the fractional cost incurred in that product. Once the amendment has been made then you will no longer be able to do the same.
3. We already are giving the opportunity to you for Refund and Exchange the order within three days since you received the product without any cost and we will return your full payment for the cancellation of your order but you will not be able to have this opportunity if you already have amended your order before you receive the product.
4. We are giving you the right to cancel the order within the two hours your payment will be credited to the same account.


1. Sell of all products seen on our web site is subject to availability and for this contingent, you the customer is informed ASAP.
2. All products seen on our web site is sold on the condition that you, a customer is the end user and you will not sell to anyone else. (HAPPY CUSTOMER POLICY AMENDED)


1. The customer must inspect our product immediately following the delivery, of whether the product is in the sound condition and also according to the description. In the case of any inconsistency with the actual order that you made, the customer must contact us through our official e-mail address otherwise we will not be responsible.
2. If the damage or missing is caused by our services provider of shipping and handling then it will not be the responsibility of https://eyefashion.pk/
3. If the customer wants to return the product for any reason stated earlier above (2), please keep it (including accessories) in its own original condition without using it. Failure to do so will make the product non-refundable.


1. The price coded on the site will be the amount that you will pay.
2. All prices include tax but excluding S&H cost.
3. You must pay the prices including S&H cost at the time of ordering. NOTE, your order can’t be initiated until your payment is received.
4. In any case of not fulfilling your order by https://eyefashion.pk/, the payment will be refunded to the same account without any obligation in our side.
5. The payment will be accepted through all the major credit cards  PayPal and cash on delivery (cod applies to UAE only)
6. Credit card payments are subject to the authorization of the credit card issuer and acceptance of our official payment service provider 2Checkout (2CO) of those credit cards so if either both parties or anyone does not authorize the payment then we will not be held be liable for non-delivery of the ordered product.


1. This is the contract which is made between the company https://eyefashion.pk/ and you the customer, the customers are not allowed to transfer the whole contract or part of it without our written permission otherwise it will result in the termination of the contract without any liability upon us.
2. We may have the right to transfer the contract or subcontract the part or whole of the contract without any prior permission of the customer.


1. Once the sunglass or sunglasses has been delivered to you then we will not be responsible for any damages caused by the customer.
2. No liability will arise from our side if the direct/indirect damages or injury is caused by the use of the product.
3. All information provided on this site may always subject to the changes so we don’t guarantee that this information is held on unchangeable bases and may be altered as per needed bases.
4. Our liability either arises from negligence or tort can’t exceed the lower of $500 and the actual cost of the product including the delivery cost.
5. Customers are not given the right to sue for the damages that may arise from any unintentional act or event.


Refer to our privacy policy page


1. The delivery will be made at the address specified by you at the time of placing an order.
2. In the case of damage or missing caused by services provider of shipping and delivery is the responsibility of their own not https://eyefashion.pk/
3. We try our best to deliver the products as quickly as possible, although the delay may occur. The specified time for the delivery is only the estimate.
4. If the delivery is not accepted by you, the customer then we will charge from you a reasonable additional cost incurred due to your not acceptance of the delivery.
5. The delay in delivery caused by any reason (e.g. natural disaster or any special case) is not the responsibility of https://eyefashion.pk/
6. In many countries, import duty might be applied so please contact your local custom for a specified amount of duty.


1. As our prime objective is the 100% satisfaction of the customer, so we are giving our customer an opportunity to make 100% refund if a customer is not satisfied for any reason. Note, This must qualify the following as numbered onward i) This policy is only applicable if neither the 3 days have elapsed since the dispatch, nor the amendment in order has been made before the delivery. ii) The sun-glass or sunglasses must be in a sound condition in order to qualify our return & exchange policy. iii) This is a one-time policy.
2. You are required to contact our customer support via email (explaining the reason) to have authorization number if you want to enter in our refund or exchange policy.
3. In either the case of refund or exchange it will be your responsibility to send us the sun-glass or sunglasses with track-able courier service and that cost will be borne by you. No refund or return package can be processed until receiving from our side.
4. If you intend to enter in this policy with the reason of wrong data being input will not deem to be a sensible reason and will be forbidden.

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